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5 Different Ways to Wear a Wedding Band


By mismatched we don’t mean that your wedding band should look like a misfit toy when up against your wedding band. The wedding band should accent the engagement ring, but still stand out on its own. Kind of a contradicting statement, but I promise, it’s easier than it sounds. The key is if you have a classic engagement ring for the band to have a little texture and vice versa.


You can never go wrong with the wedding band that matches your engagement ring. It creates a classic look that will never go out of style. If your engagement ring doesn’t have a matching band and you prefer one that matches, consider having one custom made. That ensures that the wedding band sits flush with the engagement ring.


This new trend has taken Pinterest by storm. Stacking petite bands with your engagement ring allows for a lot of versatility. The key is to stack bands that complement and don’t take away from your engagement ring. Stacking multiple bands also allows for easy gifts, a band for every major milestone; like having a baby or for a major anniversary.


Nowadays there is no rule when it comes to keeping to a certain metal color. People mix and match with their jewelry all the time. If you want your wedding band to really pop, opt for a different metal color than your engagement ring. Just make sure you don’t mix yellow gold and rose gold, because they are both warm colors they tend to clash with each other.


If you have an elaborate ring, you want that to be the center of attention. Sometimes adding a wedding band to a ring that is already wide and has a lot of detail (or diamonds) tends to take away from the beauty of the ring. Of course, it’s all personal preference.

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