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7 Reasons to Donate to Toys for Tots

There are 13 million American children that live in poverty.

A lot of U.S. Citizens may not realize that poverty is prevalent in America. This number is staggering, especially in a first world country.

Poverty can have a psychological affect on children, primarily low self esteem.

Children learn by play. Not receiving gifts for Christmas when neighbors, friends and classmates receive many can have a psychological blow on children. Toys for Tots wants to give them a great head start so they are able to grow and fulfill their potential.

Children are our future. They are tomorrow’s leaders.

If we provide our children with a good head start in life we are fostering their need to learn and develop properly. We want the future generation to be responsible, successful individuals in the community.

The Marines along with Toys for Toys deliver a message of hope by distributing new toys to less fortunate children.

Every year in October, November and December Toys for Tots collects new toys to distribute as Christmas gifts.

The Marines perform mentoring that many children would not receive.

Marines motivate young children to be responsible and be active in the community. When the children see the Marines they see responsible, hard working men and women just like themselves. According to child psychologists, mentoring has the most positive impact on child development.

Toys for Tots unites members of local communities, focusing on a cause that will bring joy to so many children.

Every year there are events that bring the community together that involve Toys for Tots. For example, every year for 20 years on Black Friday, Wheat Jewelers works alongside the Marines and has Santa and the Reindeer come out to take pictures with the community.

To support our Marines who take time out of their busy schedule to help those less fortunate.

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