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4 Ways to Transform Your Existing Ring

Whether you’ve been married for a year or 60, you may decide you want to transform your engagement ring into a style that’s completely different. Don’t feel bad! It’s a common practice, especially when styles so frequently change. So what options do you have when you already have a ring? Well, lots!

Have a beautiful center diamond you don’t want to part with? You don’t have too! Luckily we have over 3,000 different settings to choose from and we make them all to fit the center stone you have.

This option is great if:

– You don’t want to part with your beautiful diamond

– You want to re-use your engagement ring setting (put a gemstone in it and wear it on another finger!)

– You want to save a little money and just pay for the setting


Recycle! Yes, we do mean that literally. Recycling your ring is a great option if you want a new style. That means using the metal, stones and center stone to create a new design.

This option is great if:

– You feel very sentimental towards your original ring

– You would like a ring that is completely custom

– You want to save on the price of a custom ring by recycling your own

– You want to make your ring into a piece of jewelry that’s not a ring (pendant, earrings, bracelet)


Have other jewelry lying around, not being worn? Well, it’s time to do something about that! If you’re ready to restyle your ring, why not combine your ring with some other stones that you have from pre-existing jewelry. Fret not, it can be done!

This option is great if:

– You have a blingy or unique design in mind

– You have other jewelry you aren’t wearing

– You want a matching band or other piece of jewelry (you may have enough metal and stones to do just that!)


Sometimes all you need is something new. Especially when it comes to rings, adding a new band can completely revamp the look of your ring.

This option is great if:

– You are sentimental towards your ring

– You want a little more bling

– You aren’t opposed to stacking

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