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Am I Allergic to My Ring?

Does your ring leave you itchy and swollen, to the point where it spends most of the time on your nightstand? Then you may have a gold allergy or what is called “Wedding-ring Dermatitis.” This reaction can even happen years after you’re married. Here are a couple of ways to determine if it is indeed an allergy and what to do about it.

Go See a Dermatologist

The only real way to determine if you are having an allergic reaction is to see a dermatologist. If you don’t want to go the doctor route and want to try a way that’s a little more unconventional, try taping a coin to your body for a couple of hours and see if you have a reaction. If you have a reaction, more than likely you are allergic to the nickel in the coin, which in turn means you are more than likely allergic to the nickel in your ring.

Get a Deep Cleaning

Another way to determine if it is indeed allergies is to get your ring cleaned. No, I don’t mean taking it to the sink and scrubbing it with the toothbrush; I mean a really deep clean, like when you go to the dentist. Sometimes skin under a ring can become irritated from friction, moisture, or even the lotion that you put on. Most jewelers will use a combination of an ultrasonic and steam cleaning to really get in all those cracks and crevices and get out all that stuff that could be irritating your skin.

If you find that does solve your irritation problem, in the future avoid getting your ring wet; such as when you work out, shower, or even washing your hands.

It’s Time for a Rhodium Plating

Many people don’t know that white gold is actually rhodium plated. What is Rhodium you ask? It’s a white metal that coats white gold to make it super shiny and white. You see, white gold is alloyed with a bunch of different metals to make it as white as possible, but those alloys only make it so white. Rhodium Plating is applied to make it not only more white, but more durable. When people start getting irritated from their ring, it may be that the rhodium plating is starting to wear off. When the Rhodium wears off, the white gold is exposed and that white gold is alloyed with nickel. Nickel is the most common allergy in the world.

Take it to a jeweler and get it Rhodium Plated. Not only may it help your irritation, but it will make your ring look like new.

Get a New Ring

This one is easier said than done, right? If your ring is White Gold, more than likely you are having an allergic reaction to the nickel in the gold. Nickel is applied to the alloy to make the gold white. If those allergies are really bothering you, to the point where you don’t wear your ring, I would highly consider switching metals. Platinum and Palladium are hypoallergenic metals. You may be ok with Yellow Gold or Rose Gold as those typically don’t have Nickel.

If you don’t have the moola to shell out on a whole new ring and just want a quick fix, try putting clear nail polish on the inside of your ring. It creates a barrier between the ring and your finger, which should help with the irritation from the nickel. Granted, you may have to apply the clear coating more often but it may allow you to keep your original ring.

Are you allergic to your ring? Comment below and let us know if you have any questions we can answer!



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