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Wedding Band Style Guide

Wedding season is quickly approaching. It is never too early to start thinking about wedding bands! Ladies, this may be a hard one for you. You’ve worn your engagement ring alone for a while and putting a band next to it makes it look completely different. Or, you might be a girl who has been …

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Why Some Gemstones Make Terrible Engagement Rings

If you’re dreaming about gemstones for your engagement ring, you aren’t the only one! Today gemstones in engagement rings have become quite popular. Whether it’s utilizing gemstones as accent stones or having a gemstone in the center of the ring, the world has seen an uptick of color on the left ring finger. What many …

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3 Things You Need To Know If You Wear a Diamond Engagement Ring

GET THE RING INSURED ASAP We cannot stress this enough. If you wear your engagement ring every day (which you most likely do) then damage is bound to happen. Some examples are worn out prongs, a bent ring, even a chipped diamond. Insurance usually covers repairs and loss or theft, so it’s a good idea …