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Engagement & Wedding

4 Prongs VS 6 Prongs. Which is Better?

4 PRONGS – Create more of a boxy appearance. – A good choice for diamonds less than 1/2CT, as it allows more of the diamond to be seen. – Less metal surrounding the diamond, which makes the diamond really stand out. – Better security. Although there are only 4 prongs, they are thicker than 6 …

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3 Things You Need To Know If You Wear a Diamond Engagement Ring

GET THE RING INSURED ASAP We cannot stress this enough. If you wear your engagement ring every day (which you most likely do) then damage is bound to happen. Some examples are worn out prongs, a bent ring, even a chipped diamond. Insurance usually covers repairs and loss or theft, so it’s a good idea …

Engagement & Wedding

How to Make Sure Your Ring Always Sparkles

If you are newly engaged, and still basking in the glow of your gorgeous engagement ring then you may have a few questions regarding how to keep that baby looking beautiful! Here at Wheat Jewelers we want to make sure your engagement ring maintains its luster, and truly does last a lifetime, if not longer. …