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4 Ways to Transform Your Existing Ring

Whether you’ve been married for a year or 60, you may decide you want to transform your engagement ring into a style that’s completely different. Don’t feel bad! It’s a common practice, especially when styles so frequently change. So what options do you have when you already have a ring? Well, lots! RE-USE THE CENTER …

Engagement & Wedding

5 Different Ways to Wear a Wedding Band

MISMATCHED By mismatched we don’t mean that your wedding band should look like a misfit toy when up against your wedding band. The wedding band should accent the engagement ring, but still stand out on its own. Kind of a contradicting statement, but I promise, it’s easier than it sounds. The key is if you …

Engagement & Wedding

How to Make Sure Your Ring Always Sparkles

If you are newly engaged, and still basking in the glow of your gorgeous engagement ring then you may have a few questions regarding how to keep that baby looking beautiful! Here at Wheat Jewelers we want to make sure your engagement ring maintains its luster, and truly does last a lifetime, if not longer. …