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The Birthstones with a Golden Hue

November birthdays are lucky. They not only get 1 but 2 birthstones, and they are extremely affordable. Which means the next time your man asks what you want for your birthday; you tell him you want a really big piece of jewelry that includes your birthstone. Go ahead and rock that big stone!


  • A Topaz crystal in its purest form is clear but when trace elements such as Iron grow along with the crystal, it changes color. That is why Topaz is available in so many different colors, because it has grown with a lot of different trace elements.
  • The primary color Topaz for November is an orange gold hue.
  • Topaz is an inexpensive stone but is also prone to chipping and cracking, so it may not be good for everyday wear.
  • In the middle Ages people used to grind Topaz into powder and mix it with wine for a good night sleep.
  • The most prized color is an Imperial Topaz, which is a vibrant orange with pink undertones.
  • The most popular color is Blue Topaz.
  • The word Topaz comes from Topazios, an ancient greek name for St. John’s island in the red sea.
  • Topaz is said to have a calming energy and is believed to bring warmth and fortune to those who wear them.


  • Citrines color varies from a pale yellow to a brownish orange.
  • The word Citrine comes from the citrus fruit.
  • Its yellow color comes from traces of Iron in the Quartz crystal.
  • Most Citrine on the market is heat treated, because its color occurs rarely in nature.
  • Citrine has a hardness of 7, which means it is relatively durable.
  • Citrine said to be a healing quartz, and can release negative feelings.
  • One of the most affordable and abundant gemstones.

If your birthday is in November, which one would you choose?

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