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Sterling Silver 2.5 mm Rope 7" Chain $40.00
Sterling Silver 2.5 mm Figaro 7" Chain $60.00
Sterling Silver 2.75 mm Popcorn 7" Ch... $60.00
Sterling Silver 3 mm Hollow Bead 7" C... $68.00
Sterling Silver 4.5 mm Knurled Curb 7... $68.00
Sterling Silver 4.7 mm Elongated Curb... $68.00
Sterling Silver 3.5 mm Figaro 7" Chain $80.00
Stainless Steel 53x11.7 mm Identifica... $124.00
Sterling Silver Knurled Cable 7" Cha... $144.00
Sterling Silver 4 mm Wheat 7" Chain $164.00
Sterling Silver 12 mm Ring Link 8" Ch... $164.00
Sterling Silver 3.25 mm Round Snake 7... $180.00
Sterling Silver 4.5 mm Wheat 7" Chain $280.00
Sterling Silver Wheat 7" Chain $308.00
Sterling Silver 10 mm Hollow Bead 8" ... $412.00
14K Yellow 1.9 mm Diamond-Cut Figaro ... $508.00
Sterling Silver 8 mm Curb 8" Chain $572.00
Sterling Silver 7.25 mm Oval Cable 8"... $572.00
14K Yellow 2.25 mm Curbed Anchor 7" C... $620.00

Should men wear bracelets? – you’d think that we are past this inquiry but the truth is many people are still skeptical about men wearing any kind of jewelry. Let’s face it – jewelry is a form of self-expression and there is absolutely no reason why you shouldn’t wear what you want to wear!
Bracelets are one of the most popular accessories for men after watches and there is no escaping this trend. Worn with attention to detail, a bracelet can be a strong individual statement of both style and intellect.
It is no coincidence that successful, intelligent men are good at expressing themselves and what better display of acuity and allegiance than an abundance of substance – men’s jewelry can even be used to display your support to a cause or sport!
Browse through our collection of stylish and classy men’s bracelets and open yourself up to new fashion possibilities.