Learn About Pearls
Exploring Nature's Pearlescent Treasures
A pearl is a unique gemstone that is formed within the tissues of mollusks, most often oysters and mussels. When these creatures encounter an irritant like a grain of sand, they respond by coating it with layers of nacre, known as a blend of calcium carbonate and organic materials. Over time, this process gives birth to a pearl of exquisite beauty.
June's birthstone, the pearl, symbolizes purity, new beginnings, and untarnished beauty. Its calming properties promote serenity, while embodying the grace and femininity of the divine. Pearls represent love and marriage, reflecting profound connections. They also inspire wisdom and self-discovery, guiding personal growth and integrity.
When choosing pearls, it's important to consider factors such as size, shape, color, luster, surface quality, and overall uniqueness. Each type of pearl has its own distinct characteristics and charm, allowing you to select the perfect pearl jewelry piece that matches your personal style and preferences.
At Wheat Jewelers, pearls are treasured for their natural beauty and iridescent luster. They have been used for adornment and as symbols of wealth and elegance for centuries. Whether you're looking for classic pearl strands, delicate earrings, or statement rings, our collection has something to suit every occasion and taste. Continue exploring our pearl jewelry collection today and discover the timeless beauty of these exquisite gemstones.

Pearl Characteristics



The oyster or mollusk secretes layers of nacre during pearl formation, intricately tying the pearl's enchanting luster to this process. Thicker nacre produces a more intense sheen on the pearl's surface, and as light interacts with its structure, it creates a captivating play of reflections, elevating the pearl's allure to truly enchanting levels.


From perfect rounds to unique shapes like buttons and baroques, pearls provide diverse design options. While Akoya, Tahitian, and South Sea pearls excel in roundness, exploring alternative shapes adds charm and uniqueness to jewelry. Different shapes inspire creativity and offer varied pricing options, catering to various style preferences and budgets in the world of pearl jewelry.


Pearls rarely achieve perfection due to their dependence on an uncontrollable growth environment. The surface of a pearl may exhibit imperfections such as spots and bumps. However, the beauty of these pearls can be enhanced during the stringing and setting process, as they sometimes have the ability to be camouflaged.


The size of the oyster or mollusk directly influences the size of the pearl it produces. While the size alone may not significantly affect the pearl's price, combining it with a perfectly round shape and beautiful luster will substantially increase its value.