Fancy Color Diamonds

The physical conditions necessary to color a diamond naturally occur very scarcely, making natural color diamonds extremely rare. How rare? For every natural color diamond, there are 10,000 colorless ones that have made the trip to the Earth’s surface. It is this entirely natural process of geographical formation which ensures that each natural color diamond is one of a kind.

Origin of Color Diamonds

The formation of natural color diamonds is a process that requires the presence of not only the original magical formula for all diamond creation, but also the presence of additional trace elements and distortions to the typical diamond crystal.


Yellow Diamonds

The yellow diamond is becoming more popular each year, attracting elegant, sophisticated and galmorous women from different walks of life.



Pink Diamonds

The most feminine of colors and much favored by Hollywood stars, pink has triumphed in accessories and make-up and is now winning over the jewelry world.


Blue Diamonds

The colors of earliest creations of sea and sky are nature's rare reflection in natural blue diamonds. The embodiment of soothing gentleness and tranquility, they are natural cool excellence in wondrous expression.



Other Diamond Colors

Virtually every color, shade and hue the mind can imagine, nature has created within a marvelous natural color diamond... most now available for our pleasure, some still lying silently awaiting discovery.


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